10 Ways to Give Your Cat Love


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10 Ways to Give Your Cat Love

People unfamiliar with cats tend to view them as standoffish; however, cat lovers know there are numerous ways they can show their felines affection. Spending time with your feline friend, showing affection and playing together can deepen your relationship and strengthen it over time.

When petting your cat, be mindful to steer clear of petting its legs and paws; rather focus on massaging its head, neck and gently scratching under its chin and cheeks.

1. Give them a scratching post

Cats enjoy perching and scratching, so make sure they have an ideal spot to do both. Consider building them a custom DIY cat scratching post complete with platform, sturdy base and sisal rope. Add dry catnip for attraction before encouraging use by standing over it with an encouraging voice or calling them over for use with gentle instructions.

If your cat enjoys physical contact, provide her with daily nose-to-tail rubs and rub-and-stroke sessions while gently petting her head, neck, chin, back or tail (some cats tolerate being scratched as well), playing gently together daily and holding them gently while petting their back as needed. For foodies out there who understand that treats speak their love language: keep some treats handy so when the time is right give one to your feline friend as an unexpected treat will reinforce positive associations while building trust between yourself and them both and this way it shows them just how much care for them you care.

2. Make them a bed

Cats may seem disengaged and independent, but when they love you they do everything possible to show it. One way they demonstrate this love is by sleeping close by or next to their human; this indicates their trust as their friend, meal provider and guardian.

Your cat shows their affection by brushing against you when petting them; this behavior, known as bunting, allows them to mark you with their scent and claim you as their own. Indulging your cat with strokes around their ears, cheeks or base of their tails also shows affection; just remember to stop for at least 3 to 5 seconds every 3-5 seconds so they don’t become overwhelmed with petting!

3. Give them a toy

Cats enjoy playing, and toys can provide an effective means of entertainment for them. Bird- and squirrel-watching toys, food dispensing systems, or robotically moving ones can keep your cat engaged without you constantly needing to provide attention for them.

Cats show affection by grooming and rubbing against humans, particularly on cheeks, noses, lower backs and tails. By doing so they mark you as theirs and inform other cats of this claim on you.

If you are petting a cat, take note every 3-5 seconds to check their reactions. They often use their tails as an avenue of communication with you; an overjoyed feline might shake their tail and curl it around your leg to show their delight at seeing you even though you might not be touching them directly!

4. Let them sleep with you

Cats often get an unfair reputation of being distant; however, they can show their affection in various ways. One such way is sleeping with their humans – though this may disrupt your sleep, it shows they trust you enough to share something as vulnerable as a sleeping space with you, according to Cat in a Flat.

Sleeping near their humans can provide them with much-needed comfort, as it helps prevent body heat loss. They often curl up between their paws to minimize this loss – this behavior is most prevalent during night time, winter weather or when they are sick.

Cats typically form strong relationships with only one member of their household and tend to favor that individual for napping purposes. Spending the night with your cat can be a wonderful way to show your affection while also increasing the quality of restful slumber and helping alleviate stress levels.

5. Give them a bath

Cats often get the reputation for not showing much affection to their owners, yet they still show affection in subtly showing it through behaviour such as rubbing their faces on you or other people and animals they like – this marks them with their scent glands to indicate who belongs to them and they claim you as theirs!

Licking is another way for cats to express affection; they will lick their mothers and kittens as well as use it to groom themselves. When your kitty licks you, they are showing how much they care about you and want to return it in kind. If your cat shows any form of interest toward you by licking, that shows they love and want your affection in return.

Make sure that when bathing your cat, do so at a time when they are calm and in an excellent mood. Prepare all necessary supplies: washcloths, pet-safe shampoo, water, large cups for pouring and rinsing water from their tank into large cups for pouring and rinsing, towel and non-slip bath mat.

6. Give them a cuddle

Just like dogs, cats can form strong relationships with their owners and may display behaviors such as needing closeness and showing distress when separated from them. While ignoring your cat may not be ideal, engaging them can help make them more comfortable around humans while showing that you care about them.

Some cats prefer being petted on their head and shoulders while others like being rubbed on their backs. It’s important to observe your cat’s body language and respect their boundaries; if they turn away or lower their ears suddenly, this could be their way of telling you they don’t want a cuddle!

Engaging your cat can also increase affection by talking in a soothing voice and offering treats while petting them – this helps them see you as more than their food provider or guardian.

7. Give them a kiss

Though cats often get an undeserved bad rep for being distant and independent creatures, they do love us in their own special way.

If your cat slowly closes her eyes while being petted by you, this is more than a cute gesture — it’s an indication they trust you! Blink slowly back at them as a gesture of reciprocity to show them you understand their trust is well placed with you.

Your cat may also rub against you or your belongings, such as furniture or legs, and head-bumt (also called “head-butting”) you to mark their territory and show their love. All these actions show affection towards one another and should be considered signs of affection between cats.

8. Give them a belly rub

Cats sometimes get the reputation for not showing as much affection as dogs do, but this doesn’t mean they don’t love us as much – in fact, cats have many ways of showing this affection!

One way cats show affection is by rubbing against you or resting their favorite places around the house, but less direct methods include slow blinking at you to show they trust you and feel secure around you.

Johnson-Bennett advises against petting a cat’s belly as this could be perceived as a threat; she suggests instead petting their head or neck instead – they also enjoy being tickled under the chin!

9. Give them a belly scratch

When cats rub against you or show their belly, it is a show of affection – but only if they trust you! Once they do so, give them gentle rubs in areas they enjoy such as behind their whiskers and at the base of the ears; just be sure your touch is gentle rather than firm!

Your pet shows his or her love by giving you small tokens, such as dead rodents. This behavior is part of their natural instinct as they hunt their prey to survive.

Slow blinks from a cat can be taken as an indication of affection; although difficult to interpret, they indicate their desire for interaction and trust with you as they feel safe around you. Slow blinking may not always mean much but when they do come, it shows they care. A meaningful expression of affection for cats.

10. Give them a dead rodent

If your cat brings dead rodents as gifts, this could be seen as their way of showing their affection and trust for you. By leaving these presents at your feet for you to enjoy playing with them.

As with humans, cats demonstrate their affection by showing affection through petting and one-on-one attention. Just be careful to not touch vulnerable areas (the base of their tail or ears, legs), as this could trigger aggression from your cat.

Try giving them 20 minutes a day of attention, such as playing and petting. Or show your affection by volunteering at a shelter to find shelter cats homes; it will strengthen bonds between you and them and show how much you care! Remember, the more love and attention you show your cat, the more affection they’ll show back!


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