World Championship Final: Rajkumar Sharma feels Tim Southee’s excellent record against Virat Kohli is a point of concern

Virat KohliCoach Rajkumar Sharma said the Indian skipper’s record is little off against Tim Southee it is certainly an area of ​​concern.

Tim Southee hit Virat Kohli a record 10 times in international cricket, including three times in the longest format of the game. The Kiwi pacer could be one of the biggest threats to the Indian battle line in the U.S. World Test Championship Final (WTC), especially after his transport of six tickets to the first entry of the Lord’s Test against England.

During a discussion on India News, Rajkumar Sharma remarked that Virat Kohli has fallen prey to Southee in the past despite being fully aware of the mistakes he has made against the right-wing pacer.

“It’s not that Virat Kohli doesn’t know where he made a mistake but despite that Southee fired him ten times, so it’s definitely a point of concern and I feel like Virat has to work on that and leave more balls out. and fora -stump. “

The former first-class cricketer pointed out that Southee’s immaculate length makes him a difficult proposition to tackle.

“The annoying length that Southee throws, you need to decide if you should play or let the ball go. He’s bowling very well and his ball is swinging nicely. It becomes unplayable if it’s even a slightly useful wicket.”

Virat Kohli averages an acceptable 36.33 against Tim Southee in Test cricket. The Indian boss scored 109 runs against pacer Blackcaps for his three layoffs.

“Southee has been seen bowling with a very good strategy against Virat Kohli” – Rajkumar Sharma

Tim Southee beat Virat Kohli in the last Test played between the two sides
Tim Southee beat Virat Kohli in the last Test played between the two sides

While claiming that Virat Kohli’s confrontation with Southee has gone from his junior days of cricket, Rajkumar Sharma submitted that the bowler swing has formulated an excellent game plan against the Indian battle pillar.

“This competition has been going on for a long time, from the days of under-19s when they played together, Southee for New Zealand and Kohli for India. So, somewhere or the other South it has been seen. bowling with a very good strategy against Virat. “

The 55-year-old held out hope that Virat Kohli would exercise some caution while playing on stage against Southee.

“Because of that he only discarded it ten times. The stage is Virat’s favorite shot. So Virat will have to think about showing retention while playing on the stage because he came out on the slides several times while playing that shot.”

None of Virat Kohli’s three licenses against Tim Southee in Test cricket came up while playing at the stage. He was trapped in front of the entrance deliveries on two occasions and was the victim of a sharp blow once.

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