Why I hate these silly ‘Build a list with $ 10’ distractions

It’s a hateful concept ... but Tannehill for money?  It’s pretty good.

It’s a hateful concept … but Tannehill for money? It’s pretty good.
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You know what I hate? I hate seeing those grid posts on social media that give you a certain budget to create a lineup. Seriously, I don’t understand the point of them. Those websites should really stop publishing these things.

Like, this for example.

I mean, if I have $ 10 to pick one from each of these columns, then why should I–

Hold on. Hold on. For fantasy football purposes, are you telling me that Ryan Tannehill is only $ 1? Last year’s overall QB7 on the season, which featured a dominant game in Derrick Henry (last year’s RB3), an emerging wide receiver superstar AJ Brown (6th most fantasy points per wide receiver game last year) last), and just added future Hall of Fame wide receiver Julio Jones via the trade is the the most expensive option on this list of quarterbacks? Damn, it’s a deal breaker.

I mean, yes they were to put together a lineup from this chart, and not say no to it, but if I were, then I think I should start with Tannehill. Okay, we can watch the currents, even now.

Saquon Barkley coming off an ACL tear is the most expensive option, Austin Ekeler (12th most fantasy point per game return last year) who is in an emerging offense with last year’s winning quarterback Justin Herbert, rookie running back Najee Harris is $ 2, and veteran victim Mike Davis is the most expensive. Oof. Okay, well, considering the Steelers love to run a run in a lead role, both on the ground and in the passing game, and considering Harris was the first running back in the draft, it’s tempting. At its height, in 2017, Le’Veon Bell received 321 carries and 106 goals in a single season, which is a crazy use. No, I don’t think Harris will see much work, but he will definitely see a lot of it.

That’s fine yes i was BUT I don’t, but I do era building a roster, starting with Tannehill and Harris would be fun.

So, then we have Stefon Diggs for $ 4, Keenan Allen for $ 3, Tee Higgins for $ 2, and Brandon Aiyuk for $ 1. I have $ 7 left for the last two places here, yes they were assembling this hypothetical list. I’m definitely looking at Diggs and Allen, but I think I’ll save my money for the last column. Allen had 147 goals last year in just 14 games, which my very fast and fantastic math tells me is more than 10 goals per game. If you exclude the last game he played in which he was injured, he had ten or more goals in seven of his last eight games played, including a game with a huge 19. Herbert guards his way first and often , and Allen is, once again, one of the best wide receiver values ​​in all of football, despite being shut down for insane use in his offense.

Tannehill, Harris and Allen. I’m fine. I like this. So now for the last choice, and I have $ 4 to spend.

I will go straight to the top. Calvin Ridley is now the No. 1 receiving option in offense that threw the ball more than any other team last year. The Falcons are always horrible, their defense is always horrible, they have to play from behind a ton, and quarterback Matt Ryan has to be constantly throwing, back then. With Julio Jones on the line last year, Ridley averaged 109.3 yards per game on more than 11 goals per game. He is prepared and ready as a wide dynamic receiver and has a great chance of catapulting into superstardom this year.

So, Tannehill, Harris, Allen and Ridley. Man that would be a really nice heart for a fantasy list. You know, if he did that. Which I don’t … because I hate these things. And now I’ve lost an hour of my day and my coffee is cold. That’s how they win.

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