White Sox’s Seby Zavala is the first to get the first three laps at home in a game

Seby Zavala (l.)

Seby Zavala (l.)
Photo: AP

Seby Zavala was selected for the 12th round of the White Doctors in the 2015 season outside of San Diego State. It took until 2019 before the catcher made his major league debut, at the age of 25, and in that cup of coffee the catcher went 1 for 12 with nine rebounds.

A strong hitter through the minor leagues, with as many as 21 homers between two A-ball levels in 2017 to earn a trip to that year’s Arizona Fall League, Zavala sputtered when he reached the top strata of pro ball. He made 20 omers for Triple-A Charlotte in 2019, but beat .222 with a .296 base percentage.

Even this season, Zavala was not swinging a particularly large bat for the Knights, beating .178 / .291 / .339 with five homers in 33 games with Charlotte. In 12 games for the White Doctors before Saturday, he had gone 4-for-28 with two doubles and 13 rebounds.

Well, now Zavala has three omers in the big leagues, after taking on Triston McKenzie, Bryan Shaw and James Karinchak on Chicago night on Saturday and becoming the first player to ever open his major league dinger account with a hat trick. To make the night even more magical, the second shot of the game was a grand slam.

The White Sox lost to Cleveland, 12-11, continuing an absolutely strange streak in the Central American League, as Wednesday in Minneapolis, the Geminis hit seven games outside of Detroit, the Tigers didn’t touch them, and Detroit won, 17-14.

It might be worth keeping an eye on the Royals, but then again, they might not be such good advice, as Kansas City have lost 49 of their last 78 games since leaving for an exciting start to the season. saw at the top of the Central in early May.

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