Where to go this summer — and What to Wear

Not so funny fact: More than half (half!) Of Americans work they haven’t put their paid vacation days to use in 2018. And if we guess so, the probability that this percentage will grow in 2020 is high. Really high. But it’s not all bad: With vaccine launches taking traction, air travel picking up from where they left off, and a slew of new, lively hotels eager to welcome travelers back, the industry is growing.

From Utah to Baja to NOLA, these are the new items on stage at the top of our list — plus the dresses, sandals, and convention sets you’ll definitely want to pick up.

Disclaimer COVID-19: We are working hard to keep our lists as up-to-date as possible (delivery, outdoor dining, etc.), but given the evolving nature of local COVID-19 restrictions, we recommend that you also check the information in this guide with any activities you plan to visit. Also, please note that we have not verified any of the companies listed in our guides for their compliance with applicable safety regulations.

camp sarika utah


On a scale from one to the next, you can probably guess where the Aman is new luxury glamping experience deep in the Utah desert falls. With marshmallow beds instead of sleeping bags, private baths and immersion baths instead of something common, and yes, high-speed Wi-Fi, this is the kind of camping we can all enjoy. Whatever is on the way home for the day — heart beats on it aerial scale at Cave Peak, posthike cove at Hole in the Rock at the nearby Powell Lake, star dinners nearby Amangiri– there is no wrong move. Just be ready to launch some serious coins and get your dates blocked statistically: The property has over thirty guests and, as you can imagine, books quickly.


where all the saints are


Scattered in the small surf town of All Saints—A far from the spring energy of Los Cabos — it’s the newly unveiled architectural gem Where where. What is missing from this happy cactus sanctuary near the Pacific Ocean (twenty minutes … relax), compensates with an extraordinary natural wonder and a breathtaking view. Mornings are centered around nature walks and sunbathing on the yoga bridge, while afternoons are reserved for heeled hikes around town or to leave in hammocks, mezcal margarita in hand. Now that this sustainable mind property really excels, it’s with chef Eduardo Ríos (of Pujol fame): Stone feasts from farm to fork with local rewards, loads of fresh fish, and the kind of grated sauces you want that you can bottle and bring home. It’s only three hours from LAX, so getting there is the easy part; the departure is where things get tough.

Scroll through the Guide to Los Cabos for more events around Todos Santos.


hotel saint vincent nola


In the world of boutique hotels, the name Liz Lambert has a lot of weight — and for good reason. The brain behind the eclectic The Cosmic in Marfa, the elegant Santa Cecilia in Austin, and fashion San Cristobal in Todos Santos, Lambert has just added another hotel focused on design to its impressive curriculum: the lively, Art Deco – y Hotel Saint Vincent in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans. The historic area also has a café (SV Espresso and Stein’s Market & Deli bagels get our vote), ornate architecture (like pastel-colored French colonial houses), and charming boutiques (Saint Claude Social Club it’s basically a treasure trove of jewelry, and Sunday Shop it is the spot for beautifully curated conceptions). Simply put, it’s the perfect place to spend an entire day getting lost on foot. And when you get back to your hotel, you’ll want to grab a cocktail at the Chapel Club before diving into smoky dumplings and banh me at Café Elizabeth Street next to.

Moreover, there is the New Orleans City Guide.


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