Wealthy Americans are not losing sleep over Biden’s tax plans

Every now and then a drop of a bomb would barely disturb the grass. ProPublica’s leak this week palisade how few of America’s 25 richest people pay in taxes was both dramatic and unsurprising. In some years, the average American pays more in taxes than billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and Tesla’s Elon Musk. But we already knew that. If there’s an American who still thinks his tax system is fair and transparent, they should reserve a place for Jeff Bezos ’next space trip.

Yet this anonymous loss it carries the story forward in two great ways. The first is to return home that the ideology of a rich person is immaterial. The left could worship George Soros and insults Musk. Accountants provide a uniform result. It makes no difference whether a billionaire believes they should pay higher taxes or not. They leave with what they can escape. Years ago Warren Buffett he said his secretary paid a higher tax than him. He did nothing to change that reality. We shouldn’t be shocked when Bezos claims $ 4,000 tax credit for his children. That’s what accountants are paid to do.

The second is to expose the modest scope of the tax increases proposed by Joe Biden. His plans were to reorganize the mannequins in the shop window but do little to change the business model. U first income tax rate will return from 37 percent to 39.6 percent and corporate taxes will increase from 21 percent to 28 percent. Since the richest Americans pay a fraction of today’s tax, the increase in the title would make little difference.

The same goes for America’s largest companies, whose real effective rate is 11.7%. This is menu of the 12.5 per cent rate in Cyprus and Ireland, among the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU-27. In the absence of tax reform, contrary to the increase in title, Biden’s proposals offer an illusion of change. Eliminating tax deductibles is much more difficult than raising rates.

The only area where Biden’s plans are to plummet is in his capital gains reform. He should not only double the current rate to more than 40 percent, but tax unrealized capital gains to death. Today the Internal Revenue Service’s calculation restores capital gains to base when the benefactor dies. His heirs start the hour at zero. US inheritance taxes are one of the easiest forms of tax evasion.

Yet Biden would avoid imposing a wealth tax on unrealized gains that accumulate while the rich are still alive. For young billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Larry Page of the Alphabet, Biden’s reform would make little difference. They can still borrow against their paper wealth and offset interest on income taxes. Under the Byzantine tax code of America, such tax reduction options are almost endless.

So why is Biden avoiding real reform? Because it’s politically much harder to pull off. Today’s complex system is the friend of the established money. Higher corporate taxes affect companies that cannot afford large armies of lawyers and accountants. There is no lobby for entrepreneurs who have not yet done well.

The same goes for personal income taxes. Americans who are habitually wealthy – those who earn a million or two a year who can’t afford yachts and precious works of art – are probably even more resentful of ProPublica’s list of super-rich avoidances than l ‘medium american. Biden’s tax plans also appeal to the left, which gets a psychic boost from higher title rates. In reality, Biden will collect more cash by lowering tax rates by eliminating gaps – combining the real rate with the main one. However, it risks uniting left and right in a rare bipartisan opposition.

The unanswered question about ProPublica’s filtering is where it came from. The news site does not know its origin but has corroborated the data against other sources. A reasonable suspicion is that it was hacked by an entity that does not want American democracy. No IRS official could access all of this information.

Anyone who has provided the escape will know that it will deepen public cynicism about the American belief in fair play and hard work. The lesson Biden should take is that simplicity is the friend of democracy. Complexity is a tricky game. If the rules were clear enough for people to understand, there would be much less demand for such filters.


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