Viren Rasquinha wants the nation to support the Indian men’s hockey team

The Indian men’s hockey team will be rewriting a piece of history when they go on to play against Britain in a historic quarter-final on Sunday night at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

The Indian men’s hockey team is the most successful part in the Summer Games with eight gold medals. The last time the Indian hockey team won a medal was at the 1980 Moscow edition.

A fifth-place finish in the next edition – in Los Angeles in 1984 – remains the next best finish for the team that had climbed heights unprecedented decades ago.

In the recent past, the Indian men’s hockey team had climbed new lows – from not qualifying for the 2008 Beijing Olympics to 12th place at the 2012 London Olympics and the eighth to Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

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Many expectations were based on the Indian men’s hockey team as they left for Tokyo for the Olympics. The team got an extra year to hone their skills at the Sports Authority of India (SAI Center in Bengaluru).

Under the watchful eyes of coach Graham Reid, India made sure not to leave any stone unturned in their preparation to excel at the Tokyo Olympics.

The Indian men’s hockey team grew rapidly after an oscillating start

India started well against New Zealand, beating them 3-2 but against Australia in their next match, Manpreet Singh and co. they looked unhappy and were hit 1-7. Returning to the drawing table, India got back on track, beating Spain (3-0), defending champions Argentina (3-1) and Japan (5-3) to make a strong statement ahead of the quarter-finals. of final.

In the process, India also achieved its highest world ranking of 3 after their last group stage match against Japan. The Indian hockey team entered the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games as the fourth ranked team.

Graham Reid made sure the team bonded well and brought a sense of confidence among the players – a feature that was visible in the group stages of the Olympics.

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The Nation gathers behind the Indian hockey team

As India prepares for its biggest match of the Tokyo Olympics so far, support is pouring in from all sides for Manpreet Singh and Co., including social media.

Former captain Viren Rasquinha has joined the Indian team and posted on Twitter:

“Very nervous and excited for the most important Indian hockey game in 41 years. It hasn’t reached a SF Olympics since 1980 (sic). High time we changed this stat in QF vs GBR tonight. I’d love to see it all. the nation watches over and supports our hockey team. Give it your all! ”

There were a lot of messages on Twitter that wanted the team to go to their deaths and do their best.

While fans and critics are waiting with breath, India hopes to do well and be on the right side of the outcome in what could be a historic hockey campaign for the country.

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