Trae Young leads Hawks to defeat Bucks in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals

Don’t fight.  Yield.  It will happen though.

Don’t fight. Yield. It will happen though.
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I’m glad “U Noid” he made a return to TV spots. It’s important to remember that he’s actually the hero in the fight against people eating Domino’s. Just try to protect yourself. Unfortunately, it’s not very good to protect yourself there, but maybe one day.

Trae Young, who scored 48 in Falcon’s 116-113 victory over the Bucks in Game 1 of the Easter Conference Finals, is what Domino’s advertising agency wants to make you believe The Noid is. I can’t figure out how it should be for fans of the Knicks, and then of the Sixers, and now the Bucks have had to try to keep this guy. The Bucks have done most of everything well, with their usual Budenholzer rushing into the box. They also scored 33 points and 10 assists from Jrue Holiday, which looked like a game you can’t miss. Of course, it might have helped if Khris Middleton’s accuracy was anywhere above a boy with a smoking pipe, but the building was shaken and the Bucks found offense.

One thing is to watch a guy who warms up and bury everything. It sucks, it infuriates, and it feels like death from a thousand cuts, but it’s something we’ve all been through. Ma Trae. With the smirks, and the winks, and the whining, and the fake, and the fouls, and that hair, and with every bucket that conducts only blood pressure and bile through the top of his head. Somewhere in the fourth quarter you know your fate, even if you don’t say it out loud. He’s going to make that hit, he’s going to get that call. Fake the indignation, but you know this is happening, and then you get even more angry that you even tried to fake it from him.

It will probably be a long series, as Young will have a game more like Game 7 that he played against the Sixers, and / or Middleton may actually remember which direction he pointed. Which just makes it worse for Bucks fans. They know what’s coming with Young, and they know now that they’re going to have to look five or six times more. He’s going to make that hit, he’s going to get that call, he’s going to get to the line, and he’s going to do it in the most annoying way possible. There is no getting out of this.

He’s going to ruin your pizza.

The boat

Overall, I rejoice against Germany in international tournaments. It’s not a very beneficial way to live, because, you know … Germany. And the moments of yesterday afternoon where they seemed to be going outside of Euro 2020 at all stirred some vertigo from the long-lasting reflexes. But then Leon Goretzka didn’t just score, and he didn’t just score in front of traveling Hungarian fans, but he did it:

The thought of the grotesque black shirt on the rightthe Hungarian wing fans who were going to continue it was a bit for everyone and Goretzka put an end to that. He then struggled on his anti-LGBTQ + inclinations with a gesture of his heart as he sent them home forever, showing everyone what was important and even the game. It is symbolic, and hopefully predictive of the future, as far as it might seem. It is another uplifting image that the tourney provided us, after the rebirth and advancement of Denmark. We will remember you as the winners.

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