TikTok The British woman is trying to dress up the ranch for the first time

Dawn Farmer had never even heard of ranch.

Dawn Farmer lives in York, England, and has lived all 21 years of her life without ever even knowing that ranch clothing existed …

… Until recently, when someone from the United States sent them a bottle to try. Here’s a video of his test for the first time – he has more than 3.5 million views:

BuzzFeed spoke to Dawn, who said the ranch is not a common dress in the UK. “The ranch is practically non-existent here, as I said before – I’ve never even heard of it!” So, what were Dawn’s thoughts? IT’S LOVED! “My taste buds went through the roof with excitement. The taste almost reminded me of Caesar’s salad, but much thicker and more seasoned with different flavors,” he said.

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Dawn also said she has tried the salad and pizza ever since. She loved it for both of them.

When it comes to clothes that are loved in the UK and not so popular in the US, Dawn said America actually has most of what they have. “Well, people should definitely try the brown sauce! Or even the widespread casserole, you’ll like it or hate it!”

Dawn makes many other American food taste test videos on her TikTok. Like this viral video series where you try American sweets:

Dawn said: “I’ve always been very curious about the differences between the UK and the US – and that includes food! So, I’ve been very excited and interested in trying as many different things as I can. Have a great time. following me on TikTok makes me even more curious to try all the different things there! ”

So, people in the US – what foods should people try in the UK? People in the UK, what foods should Americans try? Let me know in the comments!

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