This is what historical anti-government protests in Cuba look like

Anti-government protests erupted in Cuba this week over lack of access to food and basic medical supplies, among other things. an increase in COVID cases.

The country has suffered from massive inflation and long blackouts as long-term U.S. sanctions that limit access to basic goods and finance, and decades of corruption and mismanagement by the government, have been plagued by I do not decline in tourism during the pandemic.

Protests began on Sunday and quickly spread across the country as thousands of Cubans were frustrated by hunger and a shortage of basic supplies. “Our children are starving,” one protester shouted a video post to Facebook. Another video on Twitter appeared to show protesters calling for “changing the system.”

The protests are the largest in recent memory, and government forces, which are typically quick to repress demonstrations, initially he struggled to maintain control. Some musicians, which with artists front suppression for speaking out, he also made statements in support of the protesters.

Intermittent Internet outages and harassment detention of journalists they made it difficult to verify the events on the ground, however, they found photos and videos showing police and officers in civilians beating protesters with sticks and appears to pull to them. At least one person was killed, and Amnesty International said so at least 150 others were reported missing and possibly arrested.

While the government seems to have softened his position a little, raising a tax on the import of goods into the island, may not be enough to quell the protests. “No, we don’t want crumbs.” We want freedom. Blood is not being shed on Cuban roads to carry any more bags. he tweeted blogger and government critic Yoaní Sanchez.

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