The World Reacts to Trump Violence Mob At The United States Capitol In DC

U.S. allies and opponents were seen in shock and called for peace in Washington, DC, Wednesday as a violent crowd of supporters of President Donald Trump were led to believe the election is over. was stolen stormed the Capitol building.

Insurgents loyal to Trump, including some of far-right violent groups, rushed through police lines and broke into the Capitol, disrupting the process to formalize Joe Biden’s presidential victory.

While the illegality and chaos unfolding in Congress have made headlines around the world, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas he tweeted that “the enemies of democracy will be happy to see these incredible images of #WashingtonDC.” He also called on Trump to finally accept his electoral defeat.

“Funny words turn into violent acts – on the steps of the Reichstag, and now in the #Chapter,” adds Maas. “The contempt for democratic institutions is devastating.”

In London, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the scenes were “shameful”.

“The United States is defending democracy around the world and now it is vital that there is a peaceful and orderly transfer of power,” he said.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his people were “deeply disturbed and saddened by the attack on democracy in the United States.”

“Violence will never succeed in nullifying the will of the people,” Trudeau said. “Democracy in the United States must be defended – and it will be.”

In Brussels, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, who had a troubled and troubled relationship with Trump over criticism from the security alliance president, called the violence “shocking” – a statement that he carried an added weight considering that similar statements are typically made by him during moments of great disorder in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

“The outcome of this democratic election must be respected,” Stoltenberg said he tweeted.

Several other foreign officials and leaders also participated, including the President of the European Commission:

The Spanish Prime Minister:

Australian Prime Minister:

And the Norwegian Foreign Ministry:

Carl Bildt, former prime minister of Sweden and current co-chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations, tweeted that the violence and occupation of the Capitol had signaled “the sacking of democracy”.

He included in his message a photo of a grumpy man wearing a Trump headphone and wearing a lure that had the seal of the speaker of the House of Representatives.

The scenes of violence have been particularly shocking for those for whom the US has been a model of freedom and democracy.

Two Eastern European officials told BuzzFeed News that the scenes were most reminiscent of events in eastern Ukraine in 2014, when Russia-backed separatists stormed government buildings after the Moscow’s friendly president of the country has been ousted. They also compared it to what happened in Kyrgyzstan in October, when supporters of the opposition party occupied the Parliament building after the elections considered fraudulent.

Officials have spoken on condition of anonymity because their countries rely on the US for support.

One of them said he “never imagined this would happen in the United States.”

“It’s insane,” the official added.

Turkey, a NATO country that faced its own coup attempt in 2016, has ordered a calm and lawful solution. “We call on all parts of the United States to maintain moderation and caution,” the foreign minister said in a statement. statement. “We believe the United States will overcome this internal political crisis in a mature way.”

The ministry also advised Turkish citizens of the United States to avoid crowded areas and places where they demonstrated.

Venezuela, a frequent populist of Trump because of the dangers of socialism, also issued a statement pretending to be concerned about violence in the United States, which he said Venezuelan elections are illegitimate. “Venezuela condemns the political polarization and spiraling violence, which call for reflection on the deep crisis that the political and social system of the United States is experiencing at the moment,” the statement reads. “With this unfortunate episode, the United States is suffering from the same thing it has caused in other countries with its policy of aggression.”

Meanwhile, foreign magazines from the United Kingdom BBC to Russia TASS to France 24 and beyond the live coverage of events in the Capitol.

When twilight hit a Washington, DC, Trump posted a one-minute video on Twitter urging the crowd that he had previously urged them to stand up to stand up – but not before falsely claiming that he had defeated Biden from a “landslide in the elections.”

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