The Tampa immersion team has been preparing if Lightning tries to copy Tom Brady’s epic trophy

If the Tampa Bay Lightning try to replicate Tom Brady’s epic Super Bowl trophy draw at the Buccaneers Super Bowl parade, the Tampa diving team is ready.

The Bulls have won their second consecutive Stanley Cup and will celebrate with another boat parade on Monday. Throwing the £ 34.5 Stanley Cup from one boat to the next will definitely not go as well as Brady’s Lombardy trophy, and the Tampa Police Department is ready to recover Lord Stanley if he decides to swim in Tampa Bay , which is 82 feet deep.

“My biggest concern for us would be the people jumping randomly into the water trying to get it back by themselves,” officer Chris Audet told 10 Tampa Bay. “…. If the Stanley Cup decides to take a bath that day, the TPD diving team is ready to return.”

In February, Brady made headlines to launch the Lombardi Trophy just over 10 meters from his boat to Cameron Brate in another boat. The seven-time Super Bowl champion doesn’t necessarily remember all the details yet he joked about the situation in the following months.

Jane Castor, mayor of Tampa, was asked by reporters after Lightning’s Game 5 victory over the Montreal Canadiens if she was worried about another trophy during the victory parade.

She’s not worried, according to him WTSP.

“It’s his day,” Castor said. “We’re always prepared. We’ll have divers if Stanley gets wet. We’ll get back to him shortly.”

It remains to be seen what will happen at this year’s victory parade for the Lightning. Star actress Nikita Kucherov he’s already had a few beers and he’s chirped fans of Canadians so anything could happen at Monday’s party.

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