The suspension of Kadri’s eight games has been confirmed again

For the second time, the suspension of eight games of Nazem Kadri was upheld, this time by neutral referee Shyam Das, the latest appeal Kadri can make after the suspension has already been accepted by commissioner Gary Bettman. The decision was first reported by Darren Dreger of TSN.

Kadri has already served six of eight games, meaning he will be eligible to return for the Colorado Avalanche in Game 7 of his current series, where he has gone so far.

In the decision, Das explained that the “key factor” in George Parros ’decision to issue the head of the Department of Player Safety and Bettman’s decision to defend an eight-game suspension was the story of additional discipline. of Kadri.

“It’s true that in this case, unlike his most recent suspensions in the 2018 and 2019 playoffs, respectively, Kadri didn’t act emotionally, head-on or out of revenge, but in this case, the difference between these two precedents, there was injury – significant – for the opposing player.Parros testified that the DPS believed Kadri’s story showed that the message did not pass, and that discipline was needed to recover from the latest suspension. of the five-playoff game issued to Kadri – without doubling this suspension as has been done in some other cases – to send a strong message.The Commissioner came to the same conclusion as the DPS, after also taking into account the comparisons with other players that the NHLPA has presented to them. ”

Das previously reduced the long suspensions for Tom Wilson and Austin Watson, but Kadri has not been so lucky. His appeal was denied, and he will serve the full eight games before being eligible to return to action.

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