The successful All-Star game bodes well for the future of MLB

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. tape one in a very exciting All-Star game.
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DENVER – It would be almost impossible for any fan who left the All-Star MLB game here at Coors Field Tuesday night without feeling good about the game.

Maybe it was the pandemic, now in the rearview of America. Perhaps, it was an opportunity to be back in a big crowd. Either way, damn it was good for me to be at the ball once again, watching the national pastime.

Like at the Home Run Derby, the stage was abuzz, live. You can tell the fans that they enjoyed the good fortune of participating in the Midsummer Classic.

Remember, last year’s event was canceled due to COVID-19.

It looked like the fans were being repaired for that party that was lost. Fans watching him at home could hear him, hearing him through his televisions. Social media has been engaging and has taken hold as well.

The fans were packed, there was no vacancy in the house. Not even the crowd fled to beat the traffic. They stayed until the final outside of the 5-2 victory in the American League.

It hasn’t been one of those competitions where every race has come because of the long ball. There were artifacts, baserunners, some action. Only two of the seven marked runs were from home runs, both shots alone.

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