The San Diego mom makes a spectacular catch holding the baby

Just another day of being a mom.

Just another day of being a mom.
Screenshot: @Babbi

There is something about amom can’t do It’s an overused phrase, I know. But it’s pretty true. I’d like to imagine that someone, somewhere, actually has a list of all the things that super-moms do. port make out. Now, it’s time to add, “mom with bare hands, dirty ball with baby in hand” to the fugitive.

In the sixth quarter of the Chicago Cubs – San Diego Padres game yesterday, Cubs pinch-hitter Jake Marisnick missed a pitch from Yu Darvish in the back seats to first base.

The ball hit the top deck, took a big jump to field level, and went towards a woman in Manny Machado jersey. He only had one free hand, though.

In any other situation, I would expect a parent to protect their child from a dirty ball – especially if the child is a child. But that’s not what happened here.

Mom leaned back to grab it the ball in his right hand while holding the child stuck in his left.

I mean, this is probably the catch of the year in or out of the diamond.

You can watch the whole clip below.

“It’s a nice catch,” said one announcer, “watch out for the little one, though.”

This year, we’ve already seen guys try to catch dirty balls or turn them at home with a plate of nachos and a full (plastic) glass of beer. That didn’t go very well, he did, friends.

A few years ago, however, we saw a casual father snatching a dirty ball with his bare hands while his daughter was having a dream on her lap.

So is there something a mom can’t do? After watching this video the answer, again, should be “no”.

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