The Rock provides an update to the Black Adam movie

While many full-time seniors WWE It is rumored that the superstars will return to the company this summer, The rock he worked hard on his latest film, DC Comics ‘Black Adam’.

The Rock took to Instagram over the weekend to update fans on the film’s progress and a production update as they head into their final week of filming the potential blockbuster comedy film.

“This coming week is a big one – our last week of production for the BLACK ADAM movie,” revealed The Rock. “All the training, the diet, with Covid have been 2 years of character preparation, story and production and everything culminates next week. Call it all conditioning as we save the toughest scenes for the last one. Thank you so much for all the support BLACK ADAM – I think we’re making a film and creating a universe that’s definitive, unique, bad ass and cool. Fingers across the door bring us strong next week. Be disciplined, focused and confident in the process. “

When will The Rock return to WWE?

While The Rock is currently engaged in Hollywood, this hasn’t stopped the WWE Universe from speculating on when Great will return to the society that made him a household name, to begin with.

There have been rumors that The Rock could be involved in this year’s Survivor Series. But let’s talk about a WrestleMania match between him and him Roman Kingdoms continues to persist; whether he stops in Dallas or Los Angeles stops to be seen.

Rock’s DC Comic film ‘Black Adam’ is slated to hit theaters on July 29, 2022.

Are you excited for The Rock’s first film with DC Comics? Do you think it can help change the tide when it comes to fan perception of DC Comics movies compared to Marvel? Let us know your thoughts by clicking on the comments section below.

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