The Olympic Village resident tested positive for COVID-19

The first resident of the Olympic Village gave positive results for COVID-19, Tokyo Olympic organizers said Saturday, according to The Associated Press (h / t Sports Illustrated).

Officials added that he was not an athlete who tested positive for the virus. They may offer only vague details for reasons of confidentiality.

The person who gave positive tests is identified as “personnel concerned with the games” and is not resident in Japan. This person was placed in a mandatory quarantine of 14 days.

The Tokyo Olympic Village will host 11,000 athletes during the Games and thousands of other staff members.

Olympic organizers have announced in recent weeks that all spectators have been banned from participating in the Games due to the rise of COVID-19 cases in Tokyo.

Eighty percent of Japanese citizens are against the Olympics because of the virus, according to recent survey, and 43 percent of those people want to cancel the Summer Games.

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