The new Detroit Lions hat has “loser” written all over it

New Era has been directed to the point this time, releasing a new hat design that perfectly sums up the Detroit franchise:

The New Age was headed to the point this time, releasing a new hat concept that perfectly summarizes the Detroit franchise: “L”.
Photo: New Era

Even clothing manufacturers think the Detroit Lions are losers.

Just look at this hat and tell me how someone thought it was a good idea. This conception is so bad that I had to search on the New Era site to make sure Twitter didn’t fool me with a deep lie.

Unfortunately for Lions fans, the hat is real. I think you can make the argument that New Era figures the arms of Lions fans will end up tired, and give them only a permanent “L” front. It makes sense, since the franchise hasn’t won its division since 1993, hasn’t won a playoff game since the 1991 season, and has never been in the Super Bowl.

As you can see, people have already started throwing their jokes about the hat that encapsulated, with a single letter, at the bottom of the last ten Detroit Lions football games.

The Lions are entering a new era in Motor City. They have a new coach, Dan Campbell, who is known for wanting to bite the bullets, and they have a new quarterback who comes to lead his franchise in Jared Goff after Matthew Stafford’s trade with the Rams.

I have no idea what will happen to this team in 2021. Hopefully Campbell can lead them to a solid season in a division full of Uncertainty in Green Bay is a rookie QB in Chicago.

I doubt that will happen, but there is no need to crush the hopes of Lions fans now. The team will probably do it all by itself during the regular season.

Detroit fans, keep that “L” hat proud.

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