The last Orioles are not without hope in the strange 2021 baseball season

I can’t look back, but there are reasons to be optimistic about these Birds.
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The Orioles are not a good team. They haven’t always been great team since the late 90s. Sure they had a season in 2014 where they were swept into ALCS after winning their first division title in 17 years, but they were good only for that season. The Orioles have finished 4 or 5 in AL East 16 times since 2000. They have reached the playoffs only three times since the end of the century, and have only won one playoff series. It’s been a rather rough couple for decades.

In 2021, much like the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Orioles have one Road loses 20 road games. By the middle of the season, they are sitting at the bottom of their division. Anu u the game-by-game differential payout (-1.3) of any team in the American League. They were the only team in the league to receive one 0 percent chance of making the playoffs at the beginning of the season.

Despite all that, though, the Orioles have done something no other team has done. At the beginning of the season, the Orioles he swept the Boston Red Sox – the current leaders in AL Oriente. Since then, only the Houston Astros have been able to take every game in a series against the Red Sox. The Astros, by the way, were alone swept by two teams also: the Detroit Tigers and … the Baltimore Orioles.

That’s right. The Baltimore Orioles are the only team to have sacked two MLB division leaders. Even better, despite the fact that the Orioles are 15-28 on the road this season, Baltimore has got both of those sweeps … on the road!

It seems that 2021, more than any whole season in recent memory, will have a turbulent absurdity that happens every other day. U The Giants lead their division more than half the season. The Yankees are a bigger joke than anything Dane Cook has ever said. Kyle Schwarber of Washington and Joey Gallo of Texas are on incredibly hot stripes after horrific season starts. And Buster Posey has had the best season of his career at 34 (Posey has an MVP, yet that’s his best start to every season he’s ever had).

We all knew that the Orioles would be bad. Apart from Trey Mancini and John Means, no one was expected to do anything of value for this team. Yes, I know that Ryan Mountcastle had potential and Cedric Mullins (should start the All-Star game by the way) does remarkable things, but neither one nor the other expected serious factors in 2021. But even with incredibly low expectations, the The Orioles made a dent. FanGraphs he projected the Orioles to win 67 games, PECOTA: 68, FiveThirtyEight: 63. Also a handful of Orioles analysts he projected the team to win 64 to 73 games before the season. Baltimore is currently on track to win 54.

The Orioles have been victims of a terrible calendar so far. You know the Birds have the least losses against teams under .500 this year? It’s a fact. His son six losses against teams with a losing record it is less than none. The Angels have seven losses, the Rays have eight, and the Dodgers have nine. That said, the Orioles still have a losing record against losing teams. They are 5-6 in season. They played just 11 games against the bad teams – 13 less than the next closest team: the Los Angeles Angels. This means that Baltimore has also been forced to play more games against good teams than anyone else. They have played 17 more games against teams than .500 than any other team in the league, and this is a big reason why the Orioles have 48 losses against the winning teams – 13 more than anyone else.

Unfortunately, the second half of the season isn’t much nicer for Baltimore. Of the remaining 81 games in the Orioles ’roster, 49 are against teams of more than .500. In a sense, this is actually the bestcase by case for them. It was obvious that Baltimore wasn’t going to compete this season, so having to play an incredibly tough schedule means that:

  1. Yyou will get a fantastic choice in the project.
  2. Yyou have an excuse for why your team is behaving badly.
  3. You and your fans have reason to be happy for the future.

Series sweeping plays a major role in this as well. The fact that the Orioles can not only keep up with the Red Sox and Astros, but actually dominate them over a short span of time shows the potential this team has.

I’m a huge believer that Anthony Santander will recover from this terrible season and return to his 2020 form. I have no reason to believe that Cedric Mullins will return drastically (his power numbers will likely drop in 2022), and Means has the potential to be an ace of good faith. There are a lot of good pieces in this team. If the Orioles can keep these key pieces, and their early prospects like Adley Rutschman and Gunnar Henderson can live up to their potential, then there’s no reason to think that this Orioles team couldn’t compete for the titles. division in a few years. They won’t be the laughs of the American League much longer.

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