The Lakers have explored Kyle Kuzma’s trade for Buddy Hield

The Los Angeles Lakers plan to explore several avenues to add a player to their bottom line, and Sacramento Kings shooting guard Buddy Hield is one of the players they should have an eye on.

The Lakers have discussed a potential trade deal with the Kings involving Hield and Kyle Kuzma, according to Shams Charania of Athletic. Sacramento is one of many teams that have an interest in Kuzma.

There has been talk of the Lakers being interested in Chris Paul, but Charania notes that they don’t want to be hung up on an unrealistic search for a star player. They don’t have nearly enough salary space to sign Paul, and the Phoenix Suns aren’t willing to work out a sign and trade with a Western Conference rival.

Hield is a solid and facilitative scorer who has averaged 16.6 points per game this season. He also has a 40.6 percent career shot on 3 points, so it could help spread things out for the Lakers.

If the Lakers pull out a trade for a first-caliber player, it seems likely given that Kuzma will be involved. The 6-foot-10 striker hasn’t played a consistent role in LA since the Lakers acquired Anthony Davis. He indicated little to do this he was frustrated by this.

We know at least two first-round free agents who may have an interest in joining the Lakers, but a trade for a player like Hield could make a lot more sense for them.

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