The Islands defeated Bruins in Game 6 and advanced to the semifinals

Yes! Yes! Yes! Fans of Fishsticks have made it brung again.
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I don’t have a real affinity for New York Islanders. Great jerseys, ones that should never be abandoned, but outside of that, anyway. Barry Trotz is perhaps the best way to get his players to shop on his system, which is why it works so well, but that doesn’t mean it’s all fun to watch, and it’s just about the simplest thing around. The real credit should generally go to his goalie coach, Mitch Korn, who seems to get a Vezina-level game from the one that’s around where Trotz goes. It wouldn’t be good for the neutrals and the league in general if the Islanders reach the Final or, God forbid, win it and have more teams trying to copy the defensive hockey brand than they already are. Also, Lou Lamoriello is an epic pro and he will break this team down just when someone wants to be paid more than a button.

But my lord, I want to be listening to the Islanders ’games at the Niseu Coliseum.

No other parameter sounds like that. Just listen to her throughout these highlights.

It’s not a constant buzz. Or even a constant murmur. It is a constant jet engine. A constant barrage of bar going on only to be directed to the ice without the real battle (although there shouldn’t be one or two in the room). It’s the chaos of Long Island, and that’s what every arena should sound like. That’s what Canadians will tell you that their clubs look like they did during the playoffs, except that no Canadian team ever makes the playoffs and they are allowed to fan when they do. And even when that happens, you can just insert a chant “Go (in white) Go” anywhere. Fuck.

Nassau is obviously a unique circumstance, and one we will lose for the second time after this playoff run is over. First, it’s an absolute bathroom. But it’s a small toilet, which makes everyone feel close by. The roof is located practically at a touching distance from the last row, so it holds everything. There is no way the new UBS Arena in Belmont Park will reproduce it, just because it will be just a bigger building.

But it’s more than just the building. Island fans make an event out of it, gasping in the parking lot for hours before sweating and screaming at him in a building that’s sweaty bottom and farting himself. Maybe it’s the connection between a team and a small subway area. The Islands are something of a neighborhood team, much in the way that the Green Bay Packers are and the Brooklyn Networks would like to pretend they’re for marketing purposes. There is probably no other team that feels like they belong to an area more than the Islands. That’s why his move to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn was still condemned. The players hated him, the fans hated him, and those in Brooklyn barely noticed that they were there. It’s like what Walter O’Malley said about the Dodgers when Robert Moses was looking to push his team into Queens. “We’re the Brooklyn Dodgers. And if we’re three miles out of Brooklyn or 3,000, we’re not going to be the Brooklyn Dodgers.”

Well, the Islanders weren’t the Islanders in Brooklyn. That’s what they are, backed up by an almost psychotic noise from fans who feel the game with every fiber to the point that old legends smash cans of beer against his head before returning to the parking lot to have the ugliest sex imaginable in the back of a Buick (hairy buttocks everywhere).

I’ve written about it several times before, but I’m convinced that one of the biggest reasons for the growing popularity of European football in this country is the sound. It’s the first thing they notice most of the uninitiated notice when they get up and join their friends for a game in the living room or at the bar. It’s just different, and you have to find out why it’s so different.

I would like more places to appear in Nassau. We will win at least two more games. You should probably just enjoy it.

Kevin help us!

This is a detriment to TNT. As you take on NHL broadcast next season, please double Kevin Harlan’s duties. We want it on hockey. Of course, he has never done it in the past, but he is a professional. It won’t take them long. Mike Tirico has managed to become a game-by-game guy.

It’s hard to believe that Harlan has had his fastball for 25 years or so now, since he began to bleed into the national consciousness playing Timberwolves games. Harlan has it somehow always he’ll stick that needle in not overshadowing the game and even score the big moments with his real excitement (one Gus Johnson has often stumbled upon to party himself). I just want to hear Harlan call it once a great playoff goal. That’s all I need, Him Sounds always good as he did when he yelled for Kevin Garnett to “RISK AND WALK YOUNG!”

Andemu TNT. There’s a little point in taking up hockey if you’re just going to import all types of NBC and provide the same product. Put your little spine on it. Only one repair.

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