The GTA 6 release reveals more information on the likely release date, setting, card locations

For the past two years, GTA 6 it has been the center of many rumors, leaks and online discussions.

GTA fans have been eagerly awaiting a new title since the last game in the series was released almost eight years ago. There have been several leaks regarding GTA 6, the best known of which was the “Project America” concept.

However, recent losses have shown that they reject this idea in favor of a less radical one. Tom Henderson is considered a reliable source of game losses for FPS giants like Call of Duty and the Battlefield series.

He also highlighted alleged losses of GTA 6, which he admits may not be accurate. Here are the specifics of his most recent video, where he shared all the information he has accumulated about the game over the years.

GTA 6 details revealed by leaker

Tom Henderson has often reminded viewers that he is not renowned for his GTA escapes, and the information he has acquired over the years is perhaps not the most reliable. That’s why Grand Theft Auto fans shouldn’t take GTA 6 filters unchecked too seriously and instead wait for Rockstar Games to make announcements about the game.

Here are the few details he shared:

The release date is probably 2024 or 2025

While previous rumors say that the game will be released in late 2023, Tom believes it will be a while before gamers see GTA 6. According to him, it makes perfect sense that the title will be released only for consoles. next generation is PC.

This would mean that Rockstar might want to delay the game until the global chip crisis remains unresolved.

It will be in a modern environment

According to u Project Americas leak, GTA 6 will be put into the 80s and separated into chapters that will eventually lead to a current environment. However, Henderson claims that this might not be the case, and the game will be entirely set in the current era.

This would certainly have shocked fans waiting for a return to the neon-infused 80s, since the modern setting seems dull and uninteresting in comparison.

A smaller card that will change over time with new DLC

The card is expected to be smaller than previously revealed losses, and additional locations and changes will be added gradually through periodic DLCs.

Some players may think that this could ruin a player’s experience as it looks like something an exclusive online game would do. The good news is that it will likely happen in Vice City.

Multiple protagonists, including a female character

Earlier filters stated that Rockstar intends a more realistic environment for GTA 6, and having a playable female boss will diminish it. On the other hand, Tom has been consistent in his claims that the game should have a female main character.

This could imply that GTA 6 would be more similar to the GTA Online experience, deviating significantly from the overall tone of the series.

Cryptocurrency can be incorporated

Instead of cash, the cryptocurrency can be used as a mission reward in GTA 6. This would make sense if the game were to be released today since cryptocurrency would be an inevitable thing.

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