The “Every Madden” quiz covers athletes ’quizzes

EA Sports unveiled the latest ‘Madden’ cover athletes Thursday, with Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady get the honor for this year’s edition. It’s the second cover for both QBs, and also the second time that ‘Madden’ has featured two players on the cover. When asked to share the spotlight with Brady, Mahomes had this to say, “It was kind of a thing of mutual respect. And I was able to talk to him, and I got some suggestions from him on how he made a transition from the early part of his career to where he is now. And I thought he was great. to be able to talk to him in such an environment. ” ‘Madden 22’ will be released on August 20 on all platforms.

Which brings us to today’s quiz. Some of the greatest players in NFL history have added the cover of ‘Madden’. So with that in mind, how many of these players can you name in five minutes?

Good luck!

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