The EU will demand billions in damages if AstraZeneca fails to reach vaccination target

The EU has claimed damages that could potentially amount to billions of euros from AstraZeneca if the company fails to increase deliveries of its Covid-19 vaccine by next month.

The European Union wants the company to pay a penalty of € 10 a day if it does not provide 20 million more strikes than the European bloc wants at the end of June, his lawyer said Wednesday to a court of Brussels.

The request is part of a process launched by the European Commission in an effort to force AstraZeneca to provide 90m doses in the second quarter of the year rather than the currently planned 70m. Legal action is an escalation of a battle between the EU and society over long-standing delivery shortcomings.

AstraZeneca said its lawyers would explain their case later Wednesday. The company has always claimed that it has made the “best reasonable efforts” contractually required to meet the EU delivery schedule.

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