The Clippers did not miss the NBA Finals after losing to the Suns in Game 6

See you on the street, Paul George.
Image: AP

It almost feels like the Clippers have been euthanized for the second straight year. As Kevin Durant did this postseason, Paul George just ended up gas trying to replace what wasn’t there.

But there’s been something heavy on the Clippers since the summer of 2019. He tends to follow Kawhi Leonard around. We know that last year’s Clippers were pretty miserable experience. It didn’t feel much clearer this time.

Maybe that’s partly because of the Clippers-ness of it all. Whenever they feel like they’ve cracked the code and could go somewhere they haven’t been before, what they’ve done this year to be fair weighs everything down. That’s what happens when you’re a decidedly younger brother in LA, and you’ve been a punchline throughout the league for most of your existence. It seems like she’ll have to work this time out, or she’ll feel like it’ll never happen again, and the darkness just gets softer.

But he also followed Kawhi. He entered the league with a Spurs team that had an established culture and hierarchy, and they made two Finals and won a title. But once the team was around him, it was a couple of years of whether they measured themselves and whether or not he or she and stories like that apple time.

He was clearly Toronto’s best player for a year, but also, a kind of established team and culture, even if Nick Nurse went from assistant to coach. And everyone knew he was out of there in a year, and everyone was going well with him and could go with everything in a limited dose.

That Clippers experience has slogged in the same way that the end of San Antonio did, with uncertainty over whether he’ll be out this summer weighing in on everything around being just Clippers. George seemed uncharged without him around, even just for a handful of games.

To be determined, but once again, the Clippers are eliminated and almost everyone around them seems just raised as Paul was about to make the Finals for the first time.

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