The Cleveland Indians announce name change in Guardians

U Cleveland Indians they have finally announced their long-awaited name change.

In a video narrated by Tom Hanks posted on Twitter Friday, the Cleveland ball club announced that it will soon be known as the Guardians. The name change will take effect after the 2021 season.

Cleveland spent most of the last year razing a list of potential names that was more than 1,000 more than a month ago. The process has obviously accelerated rapidly, with the club choosing Guardians as their next name.

The Cleveland Major League Baseball club is just the latest professional organization to announce a name change. The NFL’s Washington Football Team recently dropped its previous name, as did the CFL’s Edmonton Elks.

The Cleveland ball club had passed its name before since 1915. The name change comes after years of protest by Native American groups.

In 2018, Cleveland stopped wearing the controversial Chief Wahoo logo on its shirts and hats. However, the team still sells merchandise with the logo on it despite the reaction of Native American groups.

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