The Alleged Dota 2 cheater causes crashes when someone opens their profile in the game

A mysterious one Dota 2 the bug came to the fore when Reddit user InevitableHope4436 encountered an alleged scam in one of his games and tried to verify the traitor’s in-game profile.

As has been confirmed by several members in the Dota 2 community since this Reddit post, the profile of the alleged scammer caused the crash to anyone who tried to open the traitor’s in-game profile. Therefore, the bug is thought to be infinitely reproducible.

Dota 2 it’s a multiplayer game that receives regular updates, so bugs aren’t a rare event. Although the devs promptly fixed most of the bugs, some still remain to be discovered. However, this case shocked the Dota 2 community that exploitation makes it difficult to keep only the profile of the traitor for more than 3 seconds, difficult to do.

The crash exploited by the alleged Dota 2 scammer has something to do with a malfunctioning Templar Assassin cosmetic

The aforementioned Reddit post has gained the attention of the Dota 2 the community and people were looking for answers as to what caused a crash at all. Another Reddit user, whose name is Rogical, had a potential cause.

Apparently the “Clandestine Way” imposed by the Templar Assassination is the potential culprit. Due to some malfunction code associated with the TA set, players can apparently equip the entire bundle in the TA weapon slot. When the game tries to render this combination, the game crashes.

To give a brief overview of the performance of the Dota 2 cosmetics, the heroes have variable slot numbers (for example, Ax has eight slots – weapon, head, armor, belt, mock, misc, pet and costume). Players can mix and match cosmetics from different bundles and equip them in separate slots.

However, the game that crashes when it shows the malfunctioning cosmetic has been put to use by the alleged Dota 2 cheater to probably create an obstacle to verifying its profile. Valve is expected to soon repair the broken cosmetic item for the Templar Assassination. As for the alleged problem of betrayal, it’s a whole other story.

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