Texans struggling to sell season tickets?

Houston Texans may have a fan problem.

The Texans have been selling all their home games since 2002, but now they can’t seem to get fans to buy the season tickets. U Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle wrote that he has gone from 12,734 to the season ticket waiting list to be eligible to buy season tickets within a week.

Solomon passed up the opportunity.

“Hell would freeze before I spend a straw on Texan tickets this year,” Solomon writes. “Ineptitude starts at the top. That’s why I couldn’t find a reason to justify spending on tickets.”

The Texans are in the middle of a disastrous season after going 4-12 in 2020. The best player in the team’s history, JJ Watt, was released in February at his request and signed with the Arizona Cardinals.

Meanwhile, Pro Bowl quarterback Deshaun Watson would like to leave Houston. Although the Texans have no intention of exchanging him, his seasonal moves (added by QBs Tyrod Taylor, Davis Mills) indicate that they could prepare for a future without him.

Watson is also facing sexual and incorrect assaults. The lawsuits against him they were in place before applying for a trade from the club earlier this season.

It’s no surprise that fans don’t want to buy tickets amid the chaos. Unless Texans miraculously turn things around, they could see several seasons of ticket sales struggles ahead.

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