Spencer Dinwiddie aims to return to the finals

Spencer Dinwiddie has been out for the Nets since the first week of the season with a partially torn ACL, but hope to make their return to court if Brooklyn reaches the NBA Finals, reports New York Daily News’ Kristian Winfield. Winfield writes that Dinwiddie, who has been rehabilitating in Los Angeles in Phenom Sports Performance since his surgery, plans to reunite the team soon.

“He will be in Brooklyn to support his team,” a Winfield source said. “It definitely is.”

The finals are scheduled to begin six months after Dinwiddie’s surgery, and the Nets watchdog, which has posted its rehabilitation process on Instagram, hopes to have the fastest recovery possible. “I think it’s been 17 weeks. What’s the fastest thing anyone has ever done in Bball? LOL,” titled a training video in early May.

Winfield writes that coach Steve Nash he advocated a more patient approach. Nash said in May:

“It’s very difficult, one, to expose him to the full NBA basketball with the kind of injury he has. We want to look at his health in the long run, first of all. And second of all, adapting is going back to the team environment. All of these things together, it seems like it’s probably very unlikely. But who knows? Stranger things happened. “

Since last week, Nash and Dinwiddie had not had any conversations about Dinwiddie joining the team, according to Winfield. The team’s experience with persistent injuries to the stars Kevin Durant and James Harden it’s likely to make them more cautious, but general manager Sean Marks he was unwilling to go until the rule of his return.

“I would never play against Spencer Dinwiddie,” Marks said on April 16. “That’s what we saw four years ago with him. He has a chip on his shoulder, he likes to try to get people wrong, so who am I to sit here and say he’s not going to be able to do anything?”

There is also the question of Dinwiddie’s potential free agency. The 28-year-old has a player option for next season worth just over $ 12M and has express raw their expectation to refuse and reach the open market. It is unclear if this will play a role in his decision to push his recovery schedule and return to action sooner than expected.

Of course, the Nets will always pass the Bucks and be the Sixers or Falcons if Dinwiddie has to get a chance to make such a decision. They currently lead Milwaukee 2-1, with Game 4 Sunday.

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