Shohei Ohtani is good for selling road team tickets

Go and look at Shohei Ohtani when he comes to your city.

Go and look at Shohei Ohtani when he comes to your city.
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It’s a fair point that it’s too bad that the nature of baseball as a team sport means the Angels can have Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout back on the same team again, even if they are on their way to a seventh year onwards without making the playoffs, and 13th straight without winning a playoff round, or a playoff game for that matter.

What no one ever talks about is how good it is for baseball. Men in Seattle, come see Ohtani hit a ball harder and farther than you’ve ever seen a human hit one in your life, maybe even see him throw, and then enjoy a beautiful 7-3 Seattle Mariners win.

If your favorite basketball team is Mariners, you can’t watch them win when LeBron James scores 40. Ohtani is now the best goal attraction a home team has had in sports since the Detroit Lions had Barry Sanders and he camped a defense of the first 11 people who put their name on an office kitchen registration sheet.

Ohtani now has five omers in seven games this month. That’s him hit on Friday went 463 feet, hit 116.5 mph, and could not be adequately captured by standard television cameras. It took a fan shooting video vertically to get it.

Now, about the rest of it The list of Angels

Third is wrong

Colombia defeated Peru, 3-2, in the third-place match of the Copa América, which, regardless of any general opinion of third-place matches outside of an Olympic bronze medal competition … how they decided to d have you ever had this game happen in a tournament that was transferred to Brazil because it was the stupid and reckless enough country to host it?

It’s not as if there were ticket sales, only money for TV, which, again, is the game in third place, which would be pretty easy to live without. Europe did not have a game in third place after a tournament with a much larger field. And if CONMEBOL were to eliminate this, you shouldn’t have one highlighting package leading with a recollection that Colombian defender Frank Fabra went home to be with his family after his The father died of COVID-19 Wednesday, a day after losing Colombia’s semifinals.

If Colombia had been able to go home after their defeat to Argentina, Fabra would have been on his way home Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. Sebástian Fabra died Wednesday, and Frank may or may not have come home in time to say one last goodbye, but he would certainly have been here before his family began to mourn. However, because this game was only to be played in the midst of a pandemic, even when many players had the virus, the Colombian team stayed in Brazil.

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