Rudy Gobert explains how Clippers exploited him to win series

The Los Angeles Clippers have found a way to exploit Rudy Gobert defensively in the Western Conference semifinals, something few teams can say they have done. It left Gobert clearly frustrated Saturday a day after Utah’s elimination.

Gobert spoke to the media about the end of the Jazz season finale on Saturday and admitted he was incredibly frustrated by the end of the season. He also explained why the Clippers offense was so problematic for him and his teammates, and how his plan made the mistake Friday.

The Clippers focused a lot on the perimeter with their lines and strategy, knowing they would force Gobert either to stay home or to be less factor or go out to try to shut down the shooters. He successfully exploited Utah’s defense, culminating in a Game 6 effort that saw the Clippers try 39 of three while converting 20 of them.

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