Report: Lillard “makes no requests” in search of Blazers coaching

Much has been done about how Damian Lillard might react if the Portland Trail Blazers go against his wishes in his coaching quest. For now, that doesn’t seem to be a major problem.

According to Sam Amick of Athletic, Lillard “doesn’t make demands of any kind” that the Blazers hire a new coach. Instead, the Portland office communicated with the star guard throughout the process, but followed his own process while the Blazers prepared to make a commitment.

It has been stated that Lillard will have “major income” on which Portland finally decides to take over. It may be true, but it doesn’t sound like it dictates the process or even tried it. That didn’t even stop the rival teams looking at Lillard’s situation in case things went south with Portland.

We know that coach Lillard really wanted to it is taken into consideration for work. The process has just begun, and does not appear to be a clear favorite at this point. One would have to believe that Lillard’s approval would always be sought for a new hire, even if it did not dictate the process.

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