Phoenix Suns ’Devin Booker needs to bounce back from a poor Game 3 performance

Devin Booker could be a legend in preparation if he returns with a strong game tonight.
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Devin Booker needs to have a repayment game that will define legacy tonight.

Booker is a great talent, and he’s a guy who has DNA at the championship level. He has taught the world that he is ready for this moment, even if it is the first time he is in the playoffs in his six-year career.

He could be the face of the league very soon. So that’s what makes their Game 3 performance against the Bucks in Finals such an anomaly. Booker shot 3-of-14 and had just 10 points while shooting 14 percent from a one-to-three point.

Booker made the cold during this playoff earlier – against the Clippers, Patrick Beverley had Booker head for a large part of the Western Conference finals, but Booker was still able to get his points even if he wasn’t necessarily so efficient. He finished that series with an average of 25.5 points a game, though he shot just 38 percent from the field and 28 percent from three.

In other words, he found a way to do it.

That’s exactly what he’s going to have to do tonight to give his team a chance to win a stranglehold in this series. Going 3-1 on the Bucks would put the Suns in one extremely favorable position to capture his first NBA title, obviously.

Booker’s name was mentioned in the same sentence as the greats of all time, especially the late, great Kobe Bryant. Booker said Bryant is a great inspiration to him and his game.

You can argue whether Booker is or next Bryant, but what you can’t debate is the fact that the greats of all time respond to adversity. And for Booker, his back is against the wall now, and he needs to show that he deserves to be in such discussions this early in his career.

Game 4 and the rest of this NBA Finals series will tell us a lot about Booker and where his place in the NBA should be for the moment and where he can go.

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