Oklahoma, Texas, at the time of passing the SEC

Texas and Oklahoma could transfer to the SEC in a few weeks, according to him David M. Hale of ESPN.

Discussions between the two schools and the SEC have been ongoing for more than six months. However, Texas A&M had been left out of those discussions.

According to ESPN, Texas and Oklahoma would owe the Big 12 north of $ 76 million each to buy the rest of their media rights agreement concession, which lasts until 2025. However, a agreement with the SEC makes feasible the price for the two historic programs.

If the move becomes a reality, managers believe the greater impact could significantly damage the sport. An athletic director of the ACC wondered if the move would lead to a “super conference” of 32 teams, according to ESPN.

Now, the SEC is made up of 14 teams. Adding Texas and Oklahoma would push it to 16. Some of the best teams in the nation currently compete in the conference, including the University of Alabama, Louisiana State University, the University of Florida and the University of Georgia.

Oklahoma has participated in the Big 12 since 1996. The Sooners finished first in the conference in six consecutive seasons. Last season, they went 9-2 and defeated the Florida Gators in the Cotton Bowl.

Texas has also been in the Big 12 since 1996. However, the Longhorns haven’t finished first in the conference since 2009. Last season, they went 5-3 and defeated the Colorado Buffaloes in the Alamo Bowl.

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