Novak Djokovic overtakes Matteo Berrettini at the French Open after fans left Roland Garros

Novak Djokovic has relaxed after beating Matteo Berrettini at Roland Garros.

Novak Djokovic has relaxed after beating Matteo Berrettini at Roland Garros.
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These screams of primary athletes hit differently without fans.

Yesterday’s French Open quarter-final match between No. 1 ranked Novak Djokovic and No. 9 ranked Matteo Berrettini started with fans About 5,000 were present. But the game was paused in the fourth seven minutes before 23 hours, when the Paris COVID curfew came into force.

Time to go to bed, COVID. It’s 11 o’clock in the evening! Everyone knows that this highly contagious virus spreads faster after 11, right?

Uhhh …

The athletes left the court around 22:55 local time under the choir of boos. The officials released the stadium so the two players could finish their game by themselves. In all, the delay lasted around 25 minutes.

When Djokovic and Berrettini returned, the arena sounded like this.

Was it a walkie talkie I heard at the end of the clip? The point is, you could feel every pain.

No matter how many times I watch matches or matches without spectators, the silence is always uncomfortable. It’s not like that pumped in noise noise it’s better, though.

But without anyone in the stands we can hear Djokovic, let’s just say, very clearly.

Djokovic won 6-3, 6-2, 6-7, 7-5. And after the match point, he flashed a scream that fans would surely have been able to drown if they were there. Of course, no one was. So The Djoker was left screaming in the air.

“The conditions were weird with the fans there and then the atmosphere was a little different [afterward]”, Djokovic he said. “You have to find a different motivation because the energy from the fans is special.”

World No. 1 is a fan of fans. He also said he would will reconsider their decision to play in the Olympics if spectators are not allowed. The part now, only Japanese citizens can attend the Games. But that could change at any time. Things aren’t exactly, you know, going well in Tokyo.

But before Djokovic worries about the Olympics – or even Wimbledon – he will have to face red clay king Rafael Nadal in tomorrow’s semi-final.

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