No imminent settlement in the cases of Deshaun Watson?

It was just over a month ago when Rusty Hardin, the lawyer representing Houston Texans star quarterback Deshaun Watson in the 22 civil lawsuits accusing him of sexual assault and misconduct, said he had been approached about to settle cases out of court.

Tony Buzbee, who works on behalf of Watson’s accusers, has suggested via an Instagram post that no matter is imminent.

“In response to the many questions we’ve received about the Deshaun Watson case: I typically don’t answer individual press calls, because it’s easier for me to make a statement here. Like I said, there is no such thing. it will not be established, at least soon, ”Buzbee wrote. “I have my best people on the case. That should say a lot about our intentions. The fair trials are about working in the trenches. My 17 lawyers, under my supervision, do the legal grunt work there. I want to prepare the houses for trial and another victory.I have been doing this for several years, and, as the Texas Bar knows, I have rarely lost.And, these are very important cases – these women count !! – and our team does what it takes to find out and prepare to try these cases on a jury.People in the press say we went “quietly,” but the truth is that we made it clear beforehand that we wouldn’t try these cases in the press and that now we do the important work necessary for our clients to try these cases on a jury.It is a lot of work! I also want to point out that every day our company proudly manages cases for people who have lost their loved ones, for burnt people without recognition, for troubled ri who had their lives ruined, for the wounded, for the discriminated, for the unjust, and for the defrauded. Our company will continue to do this. Thank you for your interest! Stand by.”

Watson skipped all activities of the volunteer organized team amid reports that he will not play another for the Texans and wants to be swapped, but his legal situation complicates matters. Even if he does not make criminal charges starting Friday afternoon, he could be banned from playing for at least part of the 2021 season due to a suspension or the list waived by the commissioner, and no team can risk make an offer for the 25-year-old without knowing his status for the upcoming campaign.

As has been the case throughout the summer, there remain more questions than answers regarding this topic.

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