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Kendra Kolb Butler
founder, Alpyn Beauty

A few years after her forties, Kendra Kolb Butler’s workspace, facing the child, looks very different from what she did on the company’s thirty-year-old company boards – we recently took her nettle to the collection manual in a field near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for her newest blockbuster series. But her skin looks significantly brighter than before. The founder of Alpyn attributes his drastic lifestyle change (he moved from NYC to Jackson Hole, had children, and first started a beauty boutique and after a skin care brand), the increase in confidence she felt at age, and a clean, high-quality skin care.

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“I think I looked good when I was thirty living in Manhattan working a corporate job, but I don’t feel the best,” he says. “Now, living in Jackson Hole after two kids, I have a slightly larger size of pants, but I’ve never been happier, and I think it looks on my face.”

“People say I don’t look my age or that I have a‘ creature face, ’even though I’ll admit it happens less now than before,” Butler says. “My husband is older than me and he’s always carded often, so the competition heats up!” What he finds particularly flattering is a new comment that is becoming more and more apparent: “People say they feel like they’ve known each other forever. I love what. I’ve heard studies say that thirty-five is the preferred age of most women, but I’m not so sure. I like the confidence I seem to gain year after year from making mistakes and learning from them. It’s like a new form of currency, beyond passing the youth card on. ”His tips for getting that currency work no matter what your age.

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