Milwaukee’s Giannis Antetokuonmpo breaks his Game 4 block

Giannis Antetokoumnpo blocks DeAndre Ayton to preserve the lead.

Giannis Antetokoumnpo blocks DeAndre Ayton to preserve the chief.
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“Blocked by Antetokounmpo” doesn’t quite have the same ring for him as “Blocked by James,” but the game itself might have been just as good.

Last night, with 1:25 remaining, Chris Paul brought the ball to the floor, passing half of the court and flashing it to DeAndre Ayton, who was just above the three-point line at the top of the key. Devin Booker comes from his left and receives the transmission while Ayton simultaneously screens for him, then throws him to the edge for an alley-oop attempt. The score was 101-99, and the Milwaukee Bucks were ahead of the Phoenix Suns, so this would obviously have tied the game.

Giannis Antetokoumnpo had watched Ayton on the screen attempt and shifted his attention to Booker while being tightly defended by PJ Tucker. Tucker is beaten by a step, so Giannis comes to the rescue, and the step for Ayton passes through the air, over Antetokoumnpo’s head, to be exact. Somehow, some fuck as, Giannis pivoted at the exact hour, jumped off one foot while Ayton took the step, and blocked the attempt to dunk alley-oop to the edge. You can barely run this game this perfectly in 2K if you’ve tried this shit 100 times.

Antetokounmpo finished what became a 109-103 victory in Game 4 of the game-winning run with 26 points, 14 rebounds, eight assists, three steals, and two blocks. No one cares about that other block, though, because it’s not what he was asked to break down after the game, which he did.

“I saw it coming,” he said, trying to get everyone to walk step by step while playing it in his head. “Once I saw (Booker) put (the ball) to one side, it was too far for a layup, so I knew he was pulling a lob, and I did a lot. I felt (Ayton) roll towards the board behind me. , then I knew that the only way to make a stop was to jump to the edge and try to cover that angle so that it would score ”.

He then added, repeating his last point: “I didn’t jump to block the ball, I jumped towards the board.”

There has also been a slight trend over the last two games, with Giannis going remarkably into the playoffs during the first half in each of Milwaukee’s last two appearances. In view of the season afflicted by injuries and the playoffs we have experienced collectively, it could be disturbing, however, Antetokoumnpo wanted to clarify that they are not linked to injuries, not even a little.

“How do you say little girls?” I wanted to take a … a jingle, “he said with a smile as the reporters laughed.” Is he polite? “

More polite than that block, it’s for damn sure.

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