Mets GM calls Pete Alonso “conspiracy theorist” for comments on baseball “manipulated”

New York Mets slugger Pete Alonso certainly has people talking for reasons that have little to do with him throwing bombs at walls off the field.

Alonso eyes raised Wednesday when he told reporters he believes MLB has “manipulated” balls “year after year according to the free-agency class, or guys who are in an advanced part of its arbitration.” According to The Associated Press (h / t ESPN), Mets agent general manager Zack Scott struck at the notion that MLB kills balls to prevent free agent batters from being paid or suckers to influence the salaries of future pitchers d free agents.

“I didn’t know Pete was a conspiracy theorist,” Scott said as he laughed ahead of Friday’s opening of the series between the first Mets and San Diego Padres.

Scott added: “The way the teams value and value performance is relative to the levels, so we won’t be fooled by the offense being high or low. We have to look at the players as far as the league goes. so it would have no influence on how players are valued or paid. ”

Alonso explained Wednesday that he and his peers are certain that something fishy has happened in recent years.

“It’s a fact,” he said at the time. “The guys talked about it, but in 2019, there was a huge class of free agent pitchers, and that’s a preventative — unquote the juice balls. 2020 was a weird year with the COVID season, but now that we’re back to playing a regular season with a ton of shortstops or player positions that are due and will be paid a lot of money … it’s not a coincidence, and I think it’s definitely something they do. ”

As noted by the AP, MLB has not yet responded to Alonso’s controversial comments, which have sparked conversations among fan pockets that there may be something to the 26-year-old’s accusations.

Let the debates split.

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