Mariners Jarred Kelenic’s option to Triple-A

In his second MLB regular season appearance, Seattle Mariners new forward and first prospect Jarred Kelenic scored three hits and ended his first home career against the Cleveland Indians on May 14:

Which may feel like a lifetime to do at this point.

Monday, Seattle has chosen the Kelenic sling to Triple-A Tacoma as part of several roster moves. The decision makes perfect sense. Kelenic beat a lamentable .096 with two home runs, six RBIs and 26 strikeouts through 23 games.

In order Bob Conduct of the Seattle Times, Mariners director Scott Servais said over the weekend that he was not too worried about the 21-year-old even, according to him. RotoWire, was hit in its last 37 battles before development on Monday.

“He’s certainly struggling now,” Servais said of Kelenic on Saturday. “He puts a little bit of pressure on himself, like all guys do when they fight. He’s no different than anyone else. And that’s young guy. It’s for guys who have a couple of years in the league. or they’re veteran types.So, you know, we’re going to evaluate him every day like we did everyone else.But he did a lot of work in the center field (Friday night). pair of extraordinary pieces. He’s a good baseball player. He’s just going to get a lot of success, and a lot of luck. ”

The Mariners started Monday at 30-31 overall and third in the American West League standings, five games behind first-place Oakland Athletics.

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