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The driver was chased and shot by police; at least six people were taken to hospital in critical condition.

Many cyclists were critically injured when a man in a pickup truck crashed into them during a community road race in the US state of Arizona.

Six people were taken to hospital in critical condition after Saturday’s crash in the mountain town of Show Low, a three-hour drive northeast of Phoenix, police said.

The suspect, a 35-year-old man, was also denied after being killed by police and is in critical but stable condition.

Helmets, shoes and broken bicycles were scattered on the road after the crash, a tire stuck in the grate of the truck, which had damage to its top and sides and a bullet hole in a window.

Two other people went to the same hospital, city gate Grace Payne said. One of the seriously injured was later taken by a medical helicopter to a hospital in the Phoenix area.

“We don’t know the motivation,” Payne told the Associated Press. “We know he fled the scene.”

Police said the pick-up hit cyclists around 7:25 am (14:25 GMT) during the 93km (58-mile) annual Bike the Bluff race before fleeing.

Officers chased the driver and tried to stop him before he was shot, authorities said.

A damaged pick-up was seen after it was used to ram more cyclists in Show Low, Arizona [Jim Headley/The White Mountain Independent via Reuters]

Tony Quinones, 55, of Santa Fe, New Mexico, told the New York Times that he had been driving for about six minutes with other cyclists 55 years and older when a black truck he was driving in the opposite direction he crossed three roads and headed towards the cyclists.

It took the driver to turn into a parking lot. Instead, the driver jumped directly into the cyclists who had been in front of Quinones, he said.

“I don’t know what the hell this guy is, or what his motive was,” Quinones told the Times. “But he didn’t intentionally go left in a car park. He drove his truck directly and intentionally into our group, and he could feel it accelerating until he hit that phone pole. ”

Quinones said he had seen bicycles and bodies fly.

After the driver hit a cell phone pole, cyclists went to the truck and began banging on the windows, yelling at the driver to get out, he told the Times.

But rather than stop, the driver left, drove down the road, made a U-turn and then walked toward the cyclists, Quinones said.

Payne said the driver did not comply when officers tried to arrest him, but the circumstances of the shooting were not released immediately.

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