Manfred: The application of foreign substances is “very good”

Major League Baseball endured some awkward moments this week when it began its crackdown on pitchers who illegally use foreign substances. Despite this, Commissioner Rob Manfred thinks things are going well.

Manfred said Brittany Ghiroli of The Athletic that he was happy with how substance controls in the field went and minimized Tuesday incident in Philadelphia between Joe Girardi and Max Scherzer.

“My view is that the first two days went very well. We didn’t have any ejaculations, the players in general were extremely cooperative, the inspections were done quickly and between innings. Frankly, the data suggests that we do a progress on the issues (in spin rate) that led us to undertake the effort in the first place.I understand that the incident in Philadelphia was less than ideal, but it was an incident.And we expect that we will continue, as the vast majority of cases so far, without this type of incident. ”

Manfred responded to Scherzer’s criticism following Tuesday’s game after the Nationals pitcher referred to the crackdown as “Manfred’s rule” and suggested there was a lack of clarity on them from the league. Manfred said the league had sought input from players, but many did not seize the opportunity:

“It would be incorrect, downright incorrect, to assume that players and the union do not a) provide input on what we do and b) have additional opportunities to provide input that they have not taken advantage of. The transparency they owe is to players. We’ve been really transparent since the beginning of the year that this was an issue that concerned us and that things needed to change. ”

Manfred’s comments are unlikely to change any opinion, nor will they change the fact that some players they will simply insist on showing their displeasure for the situation. There are many who are in favor of what is happening, and in all likelihood, everyone will get used to it whether they like it or not.

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