Lionel Messi and Barcelona agree on a new reduced salary agreement

Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona have agreed a new agreement with a significant salary reduction, ESPN reported Tuesday morning. According to the report, Messi’s new contract will be for five years.

The team’s president, Joan Laporta, who is back in the team in March, had tried to sign Messi for a deal earlier, but Barca’s financial clash made it so difficult. The boat suffered more than 1 billion euros in debt and had significantly reduced spending in light of the pandemic last year.

The team still has to reduce and move players, ESPN explains, and signing Messi to a smaller contract is part of that process.

The 34-year-old striker became a free agent earlier this month and had hinted he would end his 20-year stint with Barca since last year. Tensions between the footballer and former team president Josep Maria Bartomeu have had an impact on Messi’s willingness to leave. Laporta’s return – with whom Messi has always had a good relationship – encourages him to change his mind.

Messi’s previous contract was worth more than 500 million euros ($ 594 million) for four years.

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