Legend Kurt Angle-Shane McMahon, the King of the Ring fights, turns 20

Kurt Angle - with a broken tail - suplexes Shane McMahon through a glass jar.

Kurt Angle – with a broken tail – suplexes Shane McMahon through a glass jar.
Screenshot: WWE

Kurt Angle says he has pain every day.

As reported by Wrestlinginc.com, Angle recently participated in a Q&A with AdFreeShows.com and discussed their current situation.

“I’m in extreme pain all day,” Angle said. “I take care of my body all day long.” I do my neck traction. I have something called the Iron Neck, where you train your neck. I have anti-gravity machine rollers. I stretched. I do a lot of weight training.

“I work on my body for a good 2-3 hours a day. It takes. I’m so shocked now. I sacrificed a lot of my body in professional wrestling and in amateur wrestling. I’m going to hit both sports, not just one. I pay for it now, but I manage it. ”

Well, part of that is probably because of games like the one we saw 20 years ago today.

At this point in King of the Ring, the 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist he had struggled on the WWE main roster for less than two years after his debut in the ring to the 1999 Survivor Series. Despite having already won the Intercontinental, European and WWE World Championships, Angle hadn’t even really cemented himself in a hardcore way. At the time, he proved to be talented, adaptable, dignified and charming – with all three I – but before June 24, 2001, he had never had a game very similar to the one with Shane McMahon, the son of Vince. It was a game that perhaps made both of their careers in the ring.

We begin by pointing out that this is not just the co-main event of the Continental Airlines Arena showcase – an evening where Booker T made his WWE debut from ambushing Stone Cold Steve Austin during a title defense as part of the ongoing WCW invasion plot – it was Angle’s third game of the night. Angle had been competing in King of the Ring before the Shane match, and had already worked out for the semifinals and finals of the tournament before the street fight with the young McMahon. Angle won the KOTR semi-final round against Christian, who went second on the eight-match card and went on for more than eight minutes, then, three games later, lost the KOTR final to Edge, a contest that went on for just over 10 minutes.

Let’s start with this: The street fight with McMahon continued for 26 minutes.

Even though Angle was bleeding almost from the start when she started suplexing hell out of McMahon in the ring – it looked like Shane had hit her in the nose with a whimsical jab – the most memorable moments were made mostly out of l ‘ring, evidenced by high-risk movement that causes viewers to retire even two decades later. The first of the notable activities outside of the ring was McMahon incorporating a kendo stick into Angul’s ass, which he did successfully for a period of time. His struggle led McMahon to become creative, and / or violent, in your opinion, carrying several baskets, a lid, a sign, and another item that we will go over later. Needless to say, Angle ate a lot of this, until McMahon tried a shooting star shot on top of a crushed sweep placed on Angle’s chest. She missed it, but it was a nice miss.

The most important part of the match, however, took place on the ramp at the event stage. Very soon after, Angle cracked his tail after a bad shot on the cement by a Shane-O suplex.

An already injured Angle led McMahon to the top of the stage, where there was (legitimate) King of the Ring brand glass included in the installation, where competitors walked as they entered or exited the ring. Angle wrapped his arms around McMahon and tried to get a suplex from top to bottom to flash into the glass. But Angle, also with a broken tail, could not muster enough strength to launch McMahon. The glass did not break, and McMahon landed on his head.

Welp, let’s go back!

That worked, and the glass shattered (though Stone Cold has not entered). There was another loaf on the left where it was now broken, so you guessed it: Another belly to belly! Angle tried, didn’t change, and even semi-caught the bloodthirsty McMahon, breaking his fall so he didn’t get a freakin ‘broken neck. A pro pro. They could have called one day here, and they probably would have, but McMahon asked to go through the glass a second time. Gassed and calling an audible on the game, Angle just grabbed McMahon, grabbed him by the bottom of the head, and threw him in the face first for the second glass.

But now, how was an seriously injured Angle who was going to bring McMahon back into the ring? Angle, bleeding everywhere, including a badly cut arm, grabbed a nearby box with wheels, flashed McMahon’s almost lifeless body, and turned it into the ring to cover it. Of course, McMahon hunted in the square circle. Let’s go.

Not only did he get out, but he struggled, slapping Angle with a sweeping cover several times and even stealing his move, the Angle Slam, and covering him, but it wasn’t enough for victory. Angle eventually placed McMahon on top of the rope and carried that mysterious other item that McMahon had first pulled from under the ring: a thin piece of wood. The Angle Slam alone was not good enough; instead, Angle used the timber, placed on top of the turnbuckle angle, as a launch pad to Angle Slam McMahon halfway through the ring, which eventually ended the battle.

Stone Cold has a podcast called The Broken Skull Sessions, which is part of the WWE Network and currently streams on Peacock. Last September, Austin spoke to Angle for more than an hour and they resumed the game together, where Angle revealed some lesser-known truths. Among them, which 411 Mania located, Angle said the glass had been reinforced so that it would not break due to the piro used at the event. Angle and McMahon didn’t know ahead of time, which would probably have been helpful. And, according to Olympian, the two men were in the hospital that night.

Since then, Angle has launched a legendary five-year stint, including struggling for money with Stone Cold, Brock Lesnar, Eddie Guerrero, Shawn Michaels and John Cena, among others, before leaving the company. He finally came back for one last WWE run in 2017 and it was entered the company’s Hall of Fame. Angle withdrew from the in-ring competition after WrestleMania 35 in 2019.

As for McMahon, he has continued to have other wars with guys like Kane, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, and Randy Orton. Today 51 years old, with gray hair, he always took shots like that, which comes from WrestleMania this year from less than three months ago.

Now you understand why Angle suffers, don’t you?

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