Latest coronavirus: New York State’s positivity rate drops to lowest in US

New York State has the seven-day average Covid-19 positive rate lower than 0.44 percent, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said, citing data from Johns Hopkins University.

On Sunday, the state health department said 383 new positive cases were identified from 110,437 tests – a rate of just 0.35 percent.

“We’re beating Covid-19 across the state and New York has the lowest seven-day average positivity rate in the nation, but it will take more vaccinations to get it across the finish line,” Cuomo said.

The state plans to offer “incentives” for vaccination, he added.

Cuomo said more than two-thirds of New York adults – 67.2 percent – now had at least one dose of vaccination, and 60 percent were completely vaccinated.

“I encourage all those eligible who have not yet been vaccinated to take advantage of a $ 20 gift lottery ticket.”

Scholarships in the New York State University and New York City University system were also offered.

The number of new cases of coronavirus considered in the United States has remained close to levels not seen since the early days of the pandemic, an encouraging decline that has encouraged some states to reduce their daily reports of Covid-19 trends.

Covid-19-related infections, hospitalizations and deaths have dropped sharply since a winter outbreak, shaken by a vaccination rollout that began in December.

Overall, about 64 percent of American adults have now received at least one stroke, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The United States reported 15,928 infections a day in the week ending June 10, which fell about half in a one-month period and 94 percent from a January peak of nearly 251,085, based on an analysis of the Financial Times of the figures from Johns Hopkins University.

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