LA Dodgers player Joe Kelly wears a white jacket to the White House after swapping jerseys

Joe Kelly makes a nice statement to the White House.

Joe Kelly makes a nice statement to the White House.
Illustration: AP

Joe Kelly, the Los Angeles Dodgers relief pitcher, should be the favorite player of all fans (unless you’re animating the Houston Astros). The man who gave the Astros’the look‘, who famously earned the pitcher an eight-game suspension (eight games more than any Houston Astros player has received for having betrayed his way to a World Series title), gave us another reason to root for him yesterday.

While the Dodgers have been a pretty decent team in 2021, becoming the third in the league to reach the 50-game winning streak, they haven’t lived up to their preseason expectations. After winning the 2020 World Series, the champions defended came out and continued to strengthen his list. There were a lot of people who thought the Dodgers could possibly beat the league’s winning record. However, the Dodgers did not even lead their division. Despite the slightest disappointment, have always earned a trip to the White House for their victory in the World Series during the 2020 season shortened by COVID, and took it yesterday during the team’s first road series against the Washington Nationals.

Clayton Kershaw gave a nice speech. Cody Bellinger set the vibrations down, but Joe Kelly stole the show when he appeared in a mariachi jacket.

It’s not even an old mariachi jacket. Flashy? Of course. Sparkling? Absolutely. Reminiscent of anything Joe Exotic would wear? Undoubtedly. But ordinary? Absolutely not. This particular jacket was purchased by Kelly just three days earlier during the Dodgers ’game against the San Francisco Giants. Kelly exchanged her game shirt for this.

The man who changed Kelly’s jacket, Grover Rodrigo – the band’s trumpeter sent to the Dodgers ’serenade before his Friday night game – he said he“ hopes [Kelly] I valued his jacket as much as I wore my jersey. “From her looks, Kelly really enjoys this jacket.

Kelly’s mother is Mexican-American, and Kelly hugged her his Mexican ancestry all his life. While some old leaders consider that Kelly wears the jacket to visit the White House “unprofessional” or “classless,” that particular jacket, a Charro jacket, is considered the Mexican equivalent of a tuxedo, and is a very important piece of Mexican culture. Implying that Kelly’s dress was unprofessional would also imply that the traditions that Kelly and Rodrigo lived are not even professional. I think we can all see the problem what can’t we

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