Kenya to reopen Mogadishu embassy ‘as soon as possible’ | Kenya News

Somalia’s invitation to regain the full diplomatic ties accepted by Kenya, marking a thaw in the often-strained ties.

Kenya says it will honor Somalia’s call for the re-establishment of diplomatic ties and the reopening of its embassy in Mogadishu, marking a thaw in the often strained relations between the Horn of Africa’s neighbors.

Ties between the countries were broken on December 15 after Kenya took over leadership of Somaliland, a separate state not recognized by the central government in Mogadishu.

On June 12, Somalia’s Foreign Minister Abdirizak Mohamed wrote to his Kenyan counterpart offering to resume full diplomatic ties “in the spirit of good neighborliness”.

On Monday, June 14, Kenya’s foreign minister responded with a statement saying he “welcomes and acknowledges the call by the Somali federal government to restore diplomatic relations” and that it will reopen its embassy in Mogadishu. “as soon as possible.”

He also said that the Somali ambassador to Kenya has been invited to resume his duties also in Nairobi.

Locked detent

Last month, Somalia signaled its intention to resume ties with Kenya, but the detention came to a halt after Kenya, a few days later, banned flights between the two capitals without explanation. Flights have been resumed since then.

Somalia has long lashed out at what it calls Kenya’s entry into regions beyond its border, while Nairobi has accused Mogadishu of acting as a scapegoat for its own political problems.

Neighbors are also embroiled in a long-running territorial dispute over a potentially resource-rich treatment of Indian Ocean resources claimed by the two nations.

The dispute reached its nadir in early 2019 when Kenya recalled its ambassador after Somalia decided to auction off oil and gas blocks unilaterally.

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