Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s ‘Fight the Power’ is an eye to the power of movement – from work to BLM

Find out how the moves came about before BLM was born.
Screenshot: History Channel

There is no growth without pain.

This is the reality of life, and it is no different for our society here in America. This country is what it is today by the protests, anguish and struggles of the American people to push this country to become better.

The History Channel Original Ddocumentary, Fight for Power: The Movements That Changed America, executive produced and narrated by NBA Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, will be broadcast at 8 PM EST on Juneteenth and details the critical movements that shaped America.

Movements from the labor boom of the 1880s, to women’s suffrage and civil rights, to LGBTQ + and the Black Life Matter, have had a significant impact on this country.

The documentary takes time to uncover the intricate details of it all, from the stories of people in the labor movement to how social media has given voice to the voiceless for Black Lives Matter.

Abdul-Jabbar does an excellent job capturing the importance of each movement and adding his own perspective to the movements that have influenced his life. The project does a good job of telling the story of these movements in a concise but informative way.

The transition from movement to movement in the history of our country really shows how every struggle has been influenced by that before. The Labor movement has been key to the women’s suffrage movement – similarly, the civil rights movement is instrumental in organizing Black Lives Matter.

The documentary takes you into a specific part of American DNA that often glosses with blind patriotism and the American Dream. Fight for Power: The Movements That Changed America, it shows us the true reality of America. This country is made up of protest, struggle and anguish that has pushed the powers that be to assess the direction of our nation and change for the better.

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