Julio Jones ’pickup could land Titans in the Super Bowl

Jones jones

Jones jones
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As everyone knows by now, Julio Jones has to be a Tennessee Titan.

I think about the possibility of this move for a minute, and I can’t think of a better acquisition for the Tennessee offense than getting a star of this caliber to add to an already stable offense.

The Titans should have a first 5 offense in 2021. As long as Ryan Tannehill can make two plays in the passing game, they should be able to put points on the table. The presence of Julio and AJ Brown with the threat of Derrick Henry giving you 150 yards on the ground is amazing.

If Tannehill can take the ball from the center and look to the left and look to the right, someone will open it. That’s how much respect the defenses should give to one if not both of these receivers. And if a defensive coordinator tries an exotic package with a plethora of defensive shoulders on the field you can just pass the ball to Henry and get five yards a pop on the field.

That doesn’t mean the Titans are unbeatable, the defense still has to prove itself and have lost their offensive coordinator in a coaching position in Atlanta, of all locations.

But this was a team of 11 wins last season and they have added one of the best receivers of all time to their roster. If Jones could also be relatively healthy they would have a chance to make a run at the Super Bowl.

It will be the first season that the Titans have high hopes for the Super Bowl, so it will be interesting to see how coach Mike Vrabel and his team respond.

This must be a fascinating season in the NFL.

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