Josh Donaldson wonders if Gerrit Cole used foreign substance

Major League Baseball’s planned crackdown on brooches using illegal substances has some batters wondering which brooches have been moving away from things for a while.

Minnesota Twins third baseman Josh Donaldson has raised suspicions about New York Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole, wondering if a recent drop in the ace’s rotation rate was linked to a report on minor league ties suspended for the use of illegal substances. According to Baseball Savant, Cole’s rotation rate dropped Thursday on all of his pitches, but in particular a 125-RPM decrease in his fastball.

“Is it a coincidence that Gerrit Cole’s spin rate numbers have dropped after four minor leagues were suspended for 10 games?” Donaldson said: via Dan Hayes of Athletic. “Is it possible?” I don’t know. Maybe. At the same time, with this situation, they have let the guys do it. ”

Cole has been linked to the use of illegal substances before, but there has never been any evidence. Yet, if nothing else, this describes the level of suspicion surrounding the game among the batters. MLB predicts a serious crackdown on this, and it looks like it will be welcomed by position players. This is especially true if this level of suspicion is normal around the game.

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